Mamography / Thermography

What is the difference?

Conventional x-ray mammogram uses radiation to get an image on exposed film.  It releases harmful free radicals and radiation to the patient.  Some types of cancers are due to an increased exposure to free radicals.  The image that is seen on x-ray film needs to be the size of a pea to block enough x-rays to cause am image on film.   D.I.T.I. (Digital Infrared Thermal Images) uses a patients own body heat as a heat signature. Diseased cells need a lot of energy to grow.  This activity generates large amounts of heat the camera reads and displays on the screen.

In order for a conventional mammogram to be successful the patient needs to have the breast flatted against the machine taking the x-ray.  This procedure can be very painful to some patients.  Patients that have breast implants can not use this type of mammogram.    D.I.T.I.  does not touch the patient nor is it painful.  The patient must sit with their hands on top of their head while partially undressed.  The whole scanning only takes approximately 15 min.  Patients with breast implants or very sensitive breast are pleased with this type of procedure.

X-ray, CT Ultrasound and M.R.I. etc is all tests of ‘anatomy’ that measure the structures of a body.  DITI is unique in its capability to show physiological change and metabolic processes.  Therefore it is better for early detection of diseases than the conventional methods.